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Today we released an updated iRhino 3D version 1.4 with some new features that should make it easier to get inside architectural models and look around.  These new features are turned off by default.  You can enable them in the Settings menu (tap the Rhino icon, and then the Settings button).

The first is a View Navigation mode called "Look/Move" that changes the way finger gestures manipulate the camera.  In the classic "Orbit/Zoom" mode (still available and on by default!), a single finger panning orbited the camera around the camera target (most often the center of the model) and two-finger pinch gestures zoomed the camera toward the target.  In the new "Look/Move" mode, a single finger panning rotates the camera about the camera's position, akin to turning your head; and the two-finger pinch gesture moves the camera and the target in the direction of the gesture.

Joysticks: For those of you who use thumb joysticks in many first-person video games, these should be familiar.  One joystick moves the camera forward, back, left and right, while the other changes the direction the camera is looking.  You can swap the joystick positions by switching the Handedness in Settings.  Additionally, the functions of the joysticks switch when you switch the View Navigation mode to mimic the function of the opposite mode.  Joysticks DO NOT work on iPhone when the device is in portrait mode...this is by design: there just isn't enough room on the screen for the joysticks.  Rotate the iPhone to landscape and the joysticks will come back.

Please let us know what you think and report bugs as you find them.

We are working hard to improve iRhino 3D with more major changes to come.


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Comment by Yoshio Fukumori on July 8, 2013 at 4:36pm

Sounds great! thanks for this amazing tool! :)

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