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Transfer offline data from PC to IPad (IOS 7 & ITunes 11)

Dear all, I'm currently struggeling with a problem, which didn't exist for me before I updated my IOS to version 7 on my IPad - and with this also my ITunes to 11.
The problem is, that I'm working with Rhino 5 on my offline Laptop (for security reasons) and need the possibility to transfer data directly to IRhino (offline) while travelling. With the old ITunes, this was no problem..simply selected the file and uploaded it. New ITunes shows no functionality to recognize Rhino data and to move it to IRhino. Do you have any idea? Can it be done with dropbox, though this would not be a perfect solution for me, because it would require internet access,
Thx for any kind of help.

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Comment by Lars Hansen on January 28, 2014 at 9:51am
Hi Dan,
Great help, superfast. Thank you very much. Can you believe, I had a 55 min session with Apple Support find least with no result. ;-)
Comment by Daniel Belcher on January 28, 2014 at 9:38am


iTunes 11 places the App File Sharing access in a different (and I think harder-to-find) location.  If your iPad is connected via USB, you should see an iPad button in the upper right-hand side of iTunes, under the Search Library dialog and to the left of the iTunes Store button.  If you poke that button, you should be taken into your iPad's menu.  From there, there are a bunch of (what Apple calls) tabs across the top center.  The second from left is Apps tab.  Click that.  If you scroll down on this page to the File Sharing section, you should see iRhino 3D listed.  If you tap the iRhino 3D icon, it should bring up a list of iRhino 3D documents on the right-hand side.

Clear as...mud?

I hope that helps,


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